Verification Results

Review verification results on the Mati dashboard


Every time a user completes a Trust Experience on your application, you will receive a verification result. A verification result will contain the result of each check included in your verification flow.

Verification results are available on the Dashboard, via webhook, or via API response depending on your integration type. For all integrations that use our Trust Experiences, the verification results will be available on the Dashboard.


Where verification results are available by integration type:

Integration Type




Direct Link



API - Standalone Check

✔ (for certain endpoints)


Verification Status

When a user completes a verification with the correct inputs (ie. ID document, selfie photo), Mati will process these inputs to determine if the user can be verified or if there are issues with their inputs.

Verification Statuses

  • Verified: User passed all the checks, no issues detected
  • Review Needed: Issues detected that prevent the user from being verified
  • Rejected: We detected a fraud attempt, or user cannot be verified for legal reasons
  • Postponed: Some checks are waiting for service recovery, they will be automatically retriggered


Review verification results

There can be many reasons why a user's verification status is determined to be "Review Needed" or "Rejected". You can view the reasons in the Verification List tab of the Dashboard to determine whether you agree with the verification status or want to update it.


Process verification results

Verification results are also sent via webhooks and can be retrieved via API. You can design better user experiences for your customers if you monitor and take action on the verification results we send. Review our Webhook Specifications and API Reference for more details on how verification results are shared.


Update verification results

To change the verification status, enter the Verification List tab of the Dashboard, click on the status dropdown and select the new status. Whenever a verification status is changed manually on the dashboard, we will send you a webhook to notify you.

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