Trust Experiences

Configure the steps your users follow to get trusted


A Trust Experience contains the steps that a user must follow in order to be trusted to use your app or services. You can add a series of Trust Experiences to help you verify your user's trustworthiness or authenticate them at any point in your user's journey.

Mati allows you to create multiple trust experiences and customize the building blocks that make up each experience in the Dashboard.


Configure a Trust Experience


For the majority of our products, regardless of if you use our API and SDKs, you will need to create at least one Trust Experience in your dashboard.

For each Trust Experience, you can customize which Building Blocks to include. Within each Building Block you can configure inputs such as the documents required, biometric steps, country requirements or restrictions, activate additional checks and even define which data policy applies to the information created by your users.

To do this, enter the Experiences tab in the Dashboard. Select "Create New Trust Experience" and start dragging the Blocks from the left panel into the User's Experience in the center of the screen. You can configure each Block you have selected in the right panel. If you are using our SDK, you can customize it in just a few clicks. Once you have finished building your Trust Experience, select "Save and Publish".

If you need more than one type of Trust Experience, (for example, if you are operating in different countries) you can add and configure a different type of Trust Experience for each of your use cases.


Get your Experience ID

You will need to get the Experience ID for the Trust Experience you want to implement via SDKs or API. There are a few ways to get the Experience ID from the Dashboard:

  • In the Integration tab, select your Experience from the dropdown and copy your Experience ID.
  • In the Experiences tab, the Experience ID is the 24-character alphanumeric string inline with your Experience name.

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