How to use our SDKs


1. Set up a verification flow in the Dashboard
After you have configured your Trust Experiences the Mati button synchronizes through your Dashboard using your clientID and adapts to the settings you have selected there.

2. Install your chosen framework
Mati's SDK can be implemented in web and mobile - natively or by using Flutter, Capacitor, React Native, Expo, or Cordova.

3. Add the Mati Button to your app
Our customizable Mati Button executes our SDKs. Follow the steps in our guides to add the Mati Button to your app.


SDK integration tutorial

Watch our video tutorial to better understand how to configure your dashboard, use our button, and how to interpret our Webhook callbacks. This process is broadly applicable to all our SDKs.


Non-Native Platform Compatibility

SDKs for non-native platforms (such as Capacitor, React Native, Flutter, and Cordova), refer to the native platform pages (such as iOS or Android) for version compatibility.

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