Mati Button

Implement the Mati button for an instant optimized verification flow


If you implement our SDKs, the Mati Button is the first step your users will see at the beginning of your Trust Experience. To add the Mati Button to your app, check out our SDK guides.


End user experience

Generally, when your users start a going through a Trust Experience, users are asked to provide identity data as inputs such as a ID documents, selfies, and more. What users see when they click on the Mati button will depend on how you configure the Building Blocks in your Trust Experience.

The information is then sent to Mati’s algorithm, which analyzes if the identity data provided can be trusted and if it passes various checks.

This process takes a few seconds; when it’s done, you’ll receive verification results in the dashboard or via webhook that tells you if your user passed the verification or not.


You can customize your Mati Button color by passing a color parameter when using the SDK. The logo on the button will remain as the Mati logo. However you can customize the logo shown at the top of the Trust Experience to match your brand.

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