Email Check


Email check is a Building Block you can add to your trust experience that confirms the user owns an email address and verifies the risk of fraud associated with that email address.


Email check is available:

  • ūüĆé globally
  • Via our web and mobile SDKs only



  • Email validation

    We will send your users an email with a link that they will have to open to finish the verification so you can be sure the user owns the email address. You can customize this email with you company name in the email sender name and signature. This is only available for our WebSDK.

  • Risk analysis

    Mati will check the email owner's transactional risk by looking at 20+ fraud-related variables such as age, velocity of usage, spam abuse, leaked email, domain validity, and blacklist checks. You can set low, medium, high or custom risk thresholds based on risk scores of an email address. Based on your configuration, Mati helps to flag verifications with email addresses that meet the risk threshold you specify .

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