Configure your trust experiences and review verifications


The first step to start using Mati to verify your users is to set up your Mati dashboard account. Mati’s dashboard allows you to configure your Trust Experiences and access tools to implement Mati's SDKs and API.


Get Started

To set up your Mati dashboard account reach out to us for a demo.


Navigating the dashboard

Account and Roles

You have one Company account for your whole team. You can add unlimited users across all our available roles.



Recommended Usage


Full permissions

Someone on your team who will administrate your Mati account


Edit access to all features, including user management

For developers, business owners, operations leads


Can edit verification results, but no access to user permissions, trust experiences, or developer settings

For operations teams who need to review and modify verifications

Read Only

View-only permissions for verification results, and no access to user permissions, trust experiences, or developer settings

For internal or external auditors

Add a user:

  1. If you are an Admin, select 'Invite a teammate' from the navigation menu
  2. Enter the user's names and email, then select the desired role in the invitation modal
  3. Click on Send to send an invitation to the user's email

Delete a user:

  1. If you are an Admin, click on Settings
  2. Click on Profile next to the user you want to remove
  3. Select 'Delete teammate' at the top right of the Profile page



Our analytics dashboard allows you to analyze your verification results by verification flow, date range, and country.


Review verifications

The Verifications tab holds the results of each of your user verifications. This will primarily be used by your team to review and update your verification results as necessary. Mati offers a special "Review Mode" experience that makes it easy for you to go through all verifications flagged for review one after the other.

Find out more about how to review, process, and update verification results here.


Build trust experiences

A Trust Experience contains the steps that a user must follow in order to be trusted to use your app or services.

The Experiences tab is our Trust Experience builder. Admin users can design and configure up to 100 Trust Experiences for every trust use case within your application.


Get verification Direct Link

To start using Mati with a no-code solution, you can use the Direct Link for each flow from the Experiences tab. You can share this link with your users over email or messaging app to have them complete your verification.

Simply configure a Trust Experience , then on the right sidebar select "SDK" as the Integration Type, and scroll down to copy the Direct Link. As an alternative you can find it in the Integration tab under the Direct Link section.



Developers can get credentials to authenticate, the Experience ID, and code snippets to implement each flow into your application from the Integration tab. This tab also holds more resources to help developers as you integrate Mati.


Help Center

The Help Center contains FAQs and support resources in case you have any trouble.



Mati's dashboard is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



You can reach Mati's support team is via live chat in the dashboard and by emailing [email protected].

What’s Next

Set up trust experiences in your dashboard

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